Creative Momentum: Resolving Creative Blocks

"Creativity, not normality, has become the paradigm of mental health." (Stephen Mitchell, 1993)

Whatever your involvements, creativity is inherently unpredictable. It includes considerable risks and many unknowns. Even when a project is finished, hazards remain. Your work is likely to be scrutinized and judged by others. For all these reasons, creativity is a fearsome undertaking—one that can lead to creative blocks. These internal barriers will keep you stuck and unproductive.

Much of my career has been spent creatively, both in the business of professional design and in the expressive world of fine art. I know the difficulties of creative productivity through my work as a design manager, a teacher and a clinician. As a result I place great importance on increasing your capacity to pursue successful projects.

Each creative block is an impediment that must be understood and resolved on its own terms. The difficulties vary according to your personality, history, and the nature of your pursuits—whether your seek success in personal creativity, workplace responsibilities or academic achievements. Regardless of your goals, developing creative freedom enlivens your life and increases your potential for creative victories.