Thinking About Therapy

People usually come to therapy because life isn’t working, or because they want something to change. Either way, I offer help—help in understanding what’s not working and help in creating a better life.

We can compare our minds to landscapes, each one unique. In some areas we may be carefully cultivated, while other parts of our minds could be wild or deserted, empty or overgrown. You might want a therapist to be a trail guide who leads the way. Or you may prefer a companion who stays close at hand.

I work to stay responsive to your concerns. Together we will make sense of what we find. After all, it is your vision we want to grow and develop. A successful therapy is a creative collaboration that brings comfort, freedom and peace of mind.

"Thank you so much for all of your help this year. You've made an incredible difference in our lives. You are truly gifted and we will forever be grateful for your gentle guidance and support."