What is Psychoanalysis?

The earliest seeds of psychoanalytic thought have grown into a profuse garden of theories. Traditionally, the analyst was an authority and a knower of truth. My work is based instead on contemporary, collaborative concepts.

Current analytic theories combine the richness of the past with advances in infant research, neurobiology, culture, complexity theory and philosophy. This energetic mix of contemporary ideas reaches far beyond the field’s earliest concepts.

If we work together psychoanalytically, our interactions will evolve as we learn what fits you best.There are so many ways that change can happen; we will shape our efforts to your personality. Most likely we will explore the patterns of your experience. How do you connect with others, and how do you disconnect? Where do you tend to focus your attention? What stays unnoticed? What meanings have developed through your experiences? Most of all, how can we reduce your difficulties, pain and trauma so that your strengths can shine?

 In time we will develop narratives that clarify the patterns of your experience. These increasingly coherent statements help you to move more freely through the context of your life. In addition, the collaborative relationship itself can become an effective source for change in your other relationships.

It is rare for two people to focus for an extended period on the well-being of just one of them. This opportunity to reflect together often generates surprises and deep insights. Such moments of profound knowing bring a renewed sense of possibility. Desired changes can finally take shape in your life.

"You were (and are) always there for me, and I will be forever grateful."